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Reasons Jesus Rejoices, Part 6

view_list Reasons for Rejoicing

Why do some people follow Jesus while others do not?

Have you ever wondered why the disciples, the Pharisees, and Judas Iscariot all saw the same things in the life of Jesus; witnessed all the miracles, heard the same teaching, the same parables, and yet they had such different responses. The disciples listened to Jesus, followed Him and obeyed Him. Judas listened to Jesus, physically followed Him, but then betrayed Him. The Pharisee and Scribes listened to Him, ridiculed Him, and killed Him! What can explain such different and contradictory reactions to the same man? Why do so many people hear the words of Jesus today and reject Him, while some who hear His words follow Him and obey? Jesus makes a distinction between the types of eyes and ears that see and hear him. If you believe what God has revealed to us through His word, this should cause you to live in complete joy!


Series: Reasons for Rejoicing

Scripture: Luke 10:23-24

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