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calendar_today April 11, 2024
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Reasons Jesus Rejoices, Part 5

view_list Reasons for Rejoicing

The Bible is eyewitness testimony about Jesus.

Travis takes us on a bit of an overview of the book of Luke, pointing out that the disciples were privileged to actually spend one-on-one time with Jesus, a little over 2000 years ago. Jesus confirms that what the disciples are able to witness by spending their days at His side, and having front row seats to all that he says and does, puts them in a position that all of the prophets and great men of the Old Testament would have longed to see and hear. These things that the disciples witnessed; we get to hear about through God’s word. But they were eyewitnesses!!! Travis will share why the fact that our gospel is based on many eyewitnesses, is so important to us today. These things that we get to hear about through God’s word should cause us to be rejoicing.


Series: Reasons for Rejoicing

Scripture: Luke 10:23-24

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