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Judas Iscariot, Part 3 | Common Men, Uncommon Calling

Faith is vital, but every believer needs discernment.

Judas was a part of the twelve men closest to Jesus, but as they discovered in the end, his heart was never truly with them! This is no doubt the sad state of many in our culture who claim to be followers of Christ. The inclusion of Judas in Jesus’ group of Apostles, helps us understand and learn how important discernment is. Our faith is vital, but we see through Judas’ life a need for discernment when it comes to those around us, in our friends and family, and even within our own church. Travis teaches us how to protect our hearts and our churches from the types of dangers we see exhibited in Judas Iscariot.


Series: Common Men, Uncommon Calling

Scripture: Luke 6:14-16

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