Message: “Reconciliation: Repentance, Part 2” from Travis Allen

Travis Allen - August 10, 2021

Reconciliation: Repentance, Part 2

Reconciliation: Repentance, Part 2

What does someone look and act like when they have truly repented? Once we’ve confessed our sins and asked for forgiveness, do we just walk away unchanged? No! Not if we have exercised genuine repentance. Genuine repentance involves our intellect - we understand that we sinned. It involves our emotions - we hate our sin. And it involves our will – we have a change of behavior! This change in behavior is exciting! It is evidence of genuine saving Christian faith!

From Series: "Reconciling Broken Relationships"

Reconciliation is not a quick apology and people going separate ways. Explore the elements of what true reconciliation looks like, on the basis of God's Word and direction.

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